Hi! I’m Tracey, and I am the one behind Virtually Marketing. My love of marketing first came about when I was 16 years old, and I had the opportunity to be part of the Young Enterprise Programme at our high school – researching and importing a new product with friends, and learning about business sparked my passion enough to study and earn my degree at University.

My career started with working at a small NZ business where I was mentored by some phenomenal people who taught me the practicalities of applying what I studied to the real world.

I then received the opportunity to work in shopping centre management, where I worked with 170+ retailers, where I talked to them about their businesses, and how as the shopping centre can create foot traffic driving campaigns. I was mentored by a wonderful manager who taught me compassion for the retailers that I worked with and again applying the practicalities of marketing to this job.

I then worked for a company who supplied and supported 700+ individually owned stores across the country. My passion for working with independent stores was reignited where I worked with them to develop promotions and campaigns which suited their local market. Many I helped with educating and executing an online presence.

I am still passionate in helping small businesses with their marketing, by looking at your business holistically and working with you, on a plan to help grow your business and meet your goals. I work with other agencies and freelancers to help achieve the best results for your business.

Tracey xox

Bachelor of Business – Marketing & Management
Google Partner