Facebook Ads – to boost or not to boost?

I know how tempting it is… to press the “Boost Button” on your Facebook post on your page, it’s just so easy! A couple of clicks, set the budget and you’re done!

However if you talk to anyone who does Facebook Ads, you’ll know the majority will say to try not to use the boost post function.

But it is soooo tempting

Boosting a post is easy to do, and you can quickly see whether paying for boosting a post is helping you reach more people however there is a better way to do it…

Did you know you can boost a post using Ads Manager? It’s easy to do, as it is an Engagement Objective, and you can choose any post that you’ve done on your page.

By boosting a post through Ads Manager you can see key relative feedback about your ad. As a Digital Marketer I am looking at the engagement rate, impressions, click through rate and also the relevance score. By looking at these and results it is easy to tell if the engagement post is a success or not. You can then alter the audience or conditions of your ad to be able to get the best value for your advertising spend.

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