Removing the Jargon – Target Market

What is a “Target Market”?

You’ve heard this being bantered around, and you’ve been asked – “Who is your target market?”
And you think, “Well my target market is women, aged 25 – 44 years old”
Or you might ask yourself “Why do I need to know who my target market is… it’s everyone!”

In most cases it’s actually not everyone – ask yourself these following questions to help create a picture of who your target market is;

  1. Are they a male or female?
  2. Are they a stay-at-home-mum, or a out-of-the-home-working mum?
  3. Are they are stay-at-home-dad, or a out-of-the-home-working dad?
  4. Are they fashion conscious? Or do they prefer to wear something practical for the activity they are doing at the time?
  5. Are they a coffee, tea or hot chocolate drinker? Maybe just cold drinks?
  6. Do they have kids? Or wants kids? How many kids do they have?
  7. What do they worry about?
  8. What do they love?
  9. Are they a bargain shopper, or do they prefer to spend more for quality?
  10. Are they environmentally conscious?
  11. Are they the first to jump on to new technology or would they prefer to wait?

And I bet you’re now asking yourself – “Why do I need to know what they drink?”

By having a clear picture of who your target market is, it helps you to then create and write messages, create ads, decide on products or services that will mean something to your target market.

As an example, you might have a kitchen appliance that you’re wanting to tell the world about – so would you want to talk to someone who considers themselves the “Foodie” who might like looking at pictures of great food and great places to eat; or would you rather be talking to the “Foodie” who likes to find interesting recipes to try and whom might prefer to entertain at home?

Knowing who your target market is, will help you communicate to find your desired customer.

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