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Here are some of our past and current projects where our clients have been happy for us to share non-sensitive information about what we’ve worked with them on.

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M3 Security – Website and Marketing Strategy

The team at M3 Security saw a need in their industry for personalised service for domestic homes, and businesses in providing a security service. Terry and Jorg are experts in their field however what they needed help with is they knew they needed a website and some type of awareness strategy.

I met with Terry and Jorg to ask them more about their business and what their short and long term goals are. I spoke to them about their unique service and what they believed they were the best at. We defined their ideal customers and what was important to them.

I had them take me through their typical process of meeting with a customer, to doing the physical work, to the after care service. We went through the typical questions that they would be asked and how they answered them.

From here I built their website based on their needs, strengths and opportunities for their business. The must-haves for the website was included, SEO optimisation, tracking analytics, and copy writing.

We are currently still working together on the needs for their business to grow and service their customers.

Little Bites – Marketing Strategy

Rose Anne has had many years of experience in working with children who are challenging eaters. She identified this as a need after meeting many families with children who are challenging eaters, as well seeing many questions around child eating habits on parenting groups.

Rose Anne has developed her own strategy by adapting and combining a variety of strategies used in feeding therapy sessions to make them more effective, in helping challenging eaters. So we talked about what these challenges are for families and how she could help. As this service is new, we talked about the possible challenges for Rose Anne to get her message out there, and what the possible solutions could be. We talked about pricing and how to communicate to her potential clients the high value of her service. We engaged with a social media influencer who fit the typical challenging eater scenario. Rose Anne came up with other ideas on how to get her service known, in which we discussed the possibilities and ideally how it could be achieved. We worked on a marketing plan together to flesh out her service, identifying the strengths, challenges and opportunities.

We continue to catch up on a fortnightly basis.

Quantico Wall Art – Marketing Strategy & Social Media

Angela came to me for some assistance for her business, as a full time graphic design manager, she was time poor to focus on marketing. We started with a SEO audit of her current site, developed a marketing plan and identified her strengths and opportunities.

One of her target markets is home decor for children’s rooms, with a unique product that leaves no marks on the wall, being at a Baby & Toddler Expo was an opportunity we identified. We decided on ways to capture leads and how to follow up with the leads from the expo.

We developed a series of Facebook Ads which targeted her ideal target market, with a budget that Angela was comfortable with.

We continue to work on going to further develop her business.

August Boutique – Digital Ads

Tracey was after ads for one of their products to advertise for Easter. We developed a Facebook Ad using conversions as the objective. We talked about the timing and the images for the products.

As a result the cost per click (CPC) was $0.35 per click. For the duration of the ad, I monitored the results of the ad, and adjusted during the time frame to target better and get a better result.