Helping you take steps to achieve your marketing goals

Here at Virtually Marketing I can help you with a single element of your marketing, or the whole sh’bang.

My experience has been working with small to medium sized businesses for 10+ years in New Zealand and Australia with Marketing.

Take a look at the services that I have to offer, or get in touch for a chat either face 2 face or over the internet

SOCIAL MEDIA - from $75 per week

Everyone is on Social Media. I need to be there!

Does this sound familiar? Have you created a Facebook page and then think “where to from here?”

Let me work with you across your social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – maybe you have another social media platform that you’re keen to use? I can help you plan your content, or if you are just looking for someone to do it for you – then I’m your person!


My Facebook and Google Ads do not work!

Being on the internet and being connected is part of our everyday lives now, have you wondered why your ads are perhaps not working or you’re just feeling a bit lost?

Let me work with you on a template to use or maybe you’re just looking for someone to run your ads, monitor them and get the best bang for your buck – I can help you!


I know my product or service is great, I want to tell everyone about it…

Need some help with content planning?

Using multiple ways, Facebook, Instagram, Email Newsletters, Flyers, Third party sites – let me help you content plan and or execute. I will look at all your touch points with customers, individually and together – helping you create a sales funnel.

OVERHAUL - from $75

I think what I’m doing is working, but I could do with someone to check…

Do you feel you need your website, social media content or perhaps something else overhauled?

I can help – let me review your website, or your engagement with customers, or your promotions. I can give you benchmarks to work against so you know how you are doing.

AM I DOING OK? - from $75

I know my business inside and out but…. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the right thing…

Often it’s helpful to have an outside perspective for your business

Let me be your sounding board, with one-off, weekly, or fortnightly chats on what you want to achieve and how to get there. You may just need to verbalise your business decisions, find some options and decide what you want to do from there. You might be questioning a new product line, or perhaps wholesale.


Everyone tells me I need to improve my ‘marketing’ but what the F*** do I do?!

Marketing is one part of your business which can bring structure to the promotions, advertising or giveaways that you might want to do, without taking a stab in the dark.

Let me take you through a process to create a marketing plan specific for you and your business – to look at your business holistically, with bringing some structure and planning.


I would really like someone just to take care of my marketing so I can focus on what I love!

Do you want the benefit of having a Marketing Manager, but not pay for a trainee or an employee?

Brick & Mortar Store or online only, or both – let me work with you and take care of your marketing for your business – you might need someone to do an expo for you, or someone to run an event or a campaign for you. I can help!